How We Travel During COVID-19: Travel Tips
How We Travel During COVID-19: Travel Tips

How We Travel During COVID-19: Travel Tips

Deciding to travel during COVID-19 is difficult. These tips and tricks will give you the insight to make the best decision for you and your family during COVID travel.

There are some varying ideas on whether or not we should be traveling during the COVID pandemic. Some of these decisions are made for us in travel bans and restrictions, and some of them are all on you. While we all want to support local economies, who have been hit the hardest during these times, we also don’t want to create unnecessary spread or illness. These are some of the tips and tricks Bruce and I found helpful while trying to navigate these post COVID travel. 

It is time to visit the Great Outdoors! 

COVID-19 Travel- Grand Teton
Bruce in the Grand Tetons

While a lot of travel is going to be off limits during COVID, sticking to hiking and camping is going to be your best bet for curing some of your wanderlust. Make sure you are still keeping your distance on the trails and in the campsites. As an extra layer of precaution, Bruce and I both wore gator masks. While these don’t give you loads of protection, we felt like they were a good addition in case we had to walk by larger groups of hikers. 

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2. Support local businesses without exposing them 

COVID-19 Travel- Portland
Take Out in Portland!

Takeout if your friend here. If you find yourself in a city, looking for some great local food, consider take out. There are options now for “no contact delivery”, that way you don’t unknowingly infect someone in your travels but you can still sample the local cuisine. If you really want to go to a specific restaurant that isn’t doing take out, sit outside. At least outside you will have nice air filtration on your side, which protects you and everyone you come into contact with. If take out and patio seating isn’t an option, I would consider skipping the restaurant and coming back at another time. 

3. Look up local ordinances

COVID-19 Travel- Sante Fe
Shopping in New Mexico

Some cities and/or states are going to require quarantining. Some attractions (even outdoor attractions) are going to be closed or require reservations. Traveling in times of COVID takes a little more leg work than normal, that’s unfortunately the situation we are in now. When we did our roadtrip, I mapped it all out and looked up the health department page of each state we were visiting. I also checked with every National Park page to see which had facilities open, reservations, etc. One of the worst things is planning an entire day in Glacier National Park and realizing that over half the park is closed. Don’t let that happen to you! Do your research. 

Keep an eye on the number of cases in each area you are visiting as well. If the area is in the midst of an outbreak, you don’t want to add to the chaos. It’s probably better to avoid the area until it is safer, for everyone’s sake. We had to change our road trip map 3 times (once while we were on the road) because of outbreaks. You have to be flexible if you are choosing to travel. 

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4.  Get Tested

COVID-19 Travel- Breckenridge
Breckenridge, CO during COVID-19

You should try to get testing before you leave and when you return from your trip. This is to make sure you are not (even unknowingly) passing on COVID-19 to other communities, or brining it home to your loved ones. 

5. Be Smart

We are still in the midst of a pandemic. No matter how cautious you are, there is some inherent risk in taking a trip. If you are unable to quarantine and/or test when you return, or you live in a town with outbreak, you should not be traveling at this time. While I totally understand that people travel to help with their mental health (I’m definitely in that boat!) You have to understand the risks involved too. Things will eventually return to some type of normal, and we will all be able to travel again!

If you aren’t able to travel right now, try to find a local business you haven’t tried yet, or an outdoor area you haven’t explored. Bruce and I have found many hidden gems in our own town this way. And what’s better- those could be some of your favorite local hangouts that you haven’t found yet! 

What do you think? Are you traveling in Coronavirus or waiting until everything looses up? 

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