Sky’s the Limit Hiking Challenge 2021
Sky’s the Limit Hiking Challenge 2021

Sky’s the Limit Hiking Challenge 2021

Connecticut has launched a fun new challenge to get people outside and who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt?! Bruce and I have already committed to trying to complete at least one hike a week this year as a part of the 52hikechallenge so we thought, why not add another challenge that will overlap? 

The Sky’s the Limit Hiking Challenge, put together by DEEP, takes you to state parks around the state in search of this year’s theme- bridges, footbridges and footpaths. New England is famous for its covered bridges and this challenge takes you right to some of the most iconic spots in Connecticut. If you complete 15 of the 20 hikes and take the photos at the specified location, you will get a medallion to reward your achievements. If you complete all 20 by December of 2021, you will be entered in a drawing to win a hand carved walking stick to use on the trails! 

Most of these hikes are on the easy to moderate spectrum and are usually under 2 miles, so Bruce and I are going to try to knock out a few locations at a time! You can use our guide here or I will link the official Sky’s the Limit website as well.

This will continue to be updated as we cross off hikes on the list! 

1. Dinosaur State Park, Rocky Hill 

This is a cute little state park, only a few miles from us so we thought we would knock this one out first. Although the actual dinosaur center was closed, the walk was nice and flat, and clocked in right about 1 mile. 

This one does get busy with families and their little ones on the weekends so be aware! 

2. Silver Sands State Park, Milford 

Such a nice spot for some ocean breezes! This trail was also packed on a Saturday afternoon, especially the boardwalk, so I would suggest getting here earlier rather than later. The boardwalks are nice (and is the official “hike” of the challenge) but once we got our photos, we decided to head to Charles Island while it is still open! 

Charles Island is only accessible by a land bridge that is flooded by the tides twice a day. It is a fun little walk across the bridge to this more secluded island. But be aware that because it is a nesting spot, it is closed May- September. 

3. Stratton Brook

This was a VERY small trek around that we actually added to, just to see the park a little more! There were many people fishing here but almost no one on the actual trail. Very easy and only about .5 miles!

4. People’s State Forest

People’s State Forest was a hike I can’t wait to come back to this summer. It was quiet (we only saw 1 couple on this trek and they were also doing the challenge!). There was a nice, very private boardwalk, a small amount of elevation and a porcupine sighting! We really loved this hike and can’t wait to see it when the trees are in full bloom! It was about a 3.5 mile loop!

5. Kent Falls

This is a must do in Connecticut. The waterfall is beautiful and the surrounding towns are adorable! This hike is short but it is almost entirely stairs so maybe don’t fill yourself with bread pudding before- like we did.

6. Lover’s Leap

We did 4 hikes in one day in the Northwest corner and this was the last one. We might have saved the best for last. It definitely wasn’t a difficult hike (more like a stroll), but the views were great the entire time! First you looked over a river and there were a lot of small ruins of old buildings to explore. We will absolutely be back when the foliage is at its peak!

Check back for more updates are we add to our growing list! 

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