Travel Essentials That You’ll Actually Use
Travel Essentials That You’ll Actually Use

Travel Essentials That You’ll Actually Use

There are dozens of travel essential lists out there, and while they all have great products, you have to be picky while choosing to travel light. Because we always travel light, we don’t have a massive list of essentials, just a few to make your flying days a little more bearable! Here are our top 5 that deserve a coveted place in your bags this travel season.

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  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

I dragged my feet on these for years but once you are able to nicely sleep on that first long haul flight, you’ll try to remember why you didn’t get them sooner

2. A GOOD Travel Pillow

Not all travel pillows are created the same. This is the only travel pillow I’ve ever used that meant I could actually get some sleep on a long haul flight. I’ll mention that Bruce doesn’t like it as much as I do, but it does wrap around your neck and he has a thicker neck so take it with a grain of salt!

3. Bluetooth Adapter

Use your favorite wireless headphones on the flight without trouble! I hate the airline issued ones- they hurt my ears and the sound definitely leaves something to be desired, but it’s actually hard to find the wired headphones now-a-days (we’ve kept wired apple headphones for years for just plane rides!). Throw this in your bag and never be left using airplane headphones again.

4. Portable Power Bank

We actually have two power banks! Because photography is something that is so important to use when traveling, we can’t be caught with no charging capabilities! I like how the apple charger sits on my phone and I don’t have to carry around two devices, but the Solar bank charges fast and can charge anything with a USB cable adapter so it’s essential for us on the road!

5. An empty water bottle

And our number one travel essential is an EMPTY water bottle. This is nice because it can fit on the side of your travel backpack and doesn’t take up room inside your luggage, but it is definitely essential. The design of this water bottle is super durable and you’ll be glad you have it in the airport when they are charging $7 for a water bottle! Fill it up on layovers and take it on the plane so you can stay hydrated through those long flights!

So there it is. Our #1 essentials list! Did we miss any of your favorites? Do you have any hacks that might help others? Join the conversation and leave your ideas below!

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